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eBAY & Amazon Procurment

Procurement Charges FREE!
eBay & Amazon Pre-order Dollar Rate (N510 / $1).
eBay & Amazon Shipping Rate Per Mobile Phone $17.
eBay & Amazon Shipping Rate Per Laptop $50
eBay & Amazon Shipping Rate Per Pound (Other Products) $6.


Alibaba & 1688 Procurement

Procurement Charges 5% of Total Procured Goods.
Alibaba & 1688 Pre-order Yuan Rate (N80 / ¥1).


Normal cargo Guangzhou is $6.6/kg + N480/kg customs clearing for Non-battery and liquid Goods. 

Delivery Time: 9-14 days. 


Normal cargo Hong Kong is $7.1/kg + N480/kg customs clearing for liquid, battery, cream, powder and magnetic goods.

Delivery Time: 10-18 days.

Please note Customs Clearing Fee is subject to change. 


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Due to the increase in Mini Importation in Nigeria, PRINKIPAS hereby introduce our Easy and Affordable Procurement & Logistics Service to assist importers buying from eBay, Amazon, Alibaba & 1688 using our personal and reliable Procurement / Shipping agents to help other importers and micro businesses around Nigeria buy and ship their goods to them. We are simply FAST, AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE give us a try Today!