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The Powerful Whatsapp Sales Funnel Guide


WhatsApp is gradually becoming a hub for customers and businesses across the globe to transact and also exchange goods and services, hence, it is necessary that every business should take advantage of this golden opportunity.

Using this “Powerful WhatsApp Sales Funnel” in your business is a necessity, as WhatsApp has gradually turned into a gold mine and a useful tool for both big and small businesses for you and also your customers across the globe. 

In this blog post you’ll learn about how to use this powerful WhatsApp sales funnel to move your customers through different stages and ultimately achieve your business goal. 

What is WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp is a free, multi platform messaging app that lets you make video calls, voice calls and send text messages over an internet connection.  

What is a sales funnel? 

A sales funnel is each step that a prospect has to take in order to become your customer. These steps often involve the stages of Awareness, Interest, Decision and lastly Action.

Awareness: At this stage prospects or potential customers become aware of your product or business through any form of advertisement.

Interest: At this stage prospects or potential customers become actively interested in your product or business. 

Decision: At this stage prospects or potential customer decide to purchase your product from your business

Action: At this stage prospects or potential customers purchase your products or services.  

What is a WhatsApp sales funnel? 

A WhatsApp Sales funnel will enable you to expose the needs of your prospects by moving them through different stages before selling your product or services to them, and also align your products to their needs.

The WhatsApp Sales Funnel will also let you exclude uninterested prospects, so you can divert your finance, energy and resources to the right prospects that are interested in your offering and will ultimately become customers.  

Why use a WhatsApp sales funnel? 

WhatsApp is a social app that has been used by billions of businesses, prospects and customers across the globe. 

WhatsApp has a more convenient and less invasive alternative to phone communication and its channel of communication is encrypted from end to end.

WhatsApp also makes it easy and comfortable for your prospect or customers to ask questions.

Lastly WhatsApp helps you organize prospects or customers and respond to them at your convenience.

When to use WhatsApp sales funnel?

WhatsApp sales funnel can be used at any stage, be it in the prospect awareness stage and the final level of the funnel which is the customer’s action stage, to enable your business to gain repeated patronage from your customers.   

How to use a WhatsApp sales funnel? 

Create a Customer Database:  

 WhatsApp which is a unique platform, enables businesses to add the contact of their prospects to their database before sending messages to them. We might have this question in mind which is: “ How do i get my prospect contacts to enable me to add it to my business database? ” 

The answer is you can simply get the contacts of your prospect, by adding their WhatsApp phones numbers on all your social media handles, lead forms and email messages to your WhatsApp Business Database.

You can also get more contacts by running a Facebook WhatsApp click-to-chat ads and also offer a giveaways for anyone that would chat with your business to enable you capture their mobile number for the creation of your database. 

Create an Attractive Offers: 

The next step after building your database is to create personalized and attractive offers to your prospect to move them down the funnel.

The personalised offer can simply be a customized message designed specifically to your potential prospect to showcase what you intend selling to them.

When creating your customized offer, it is important that you interest and persuade your prospect enough to get the right buying response from them, to enable them to move to the next level of the sales funnel.

Send a WhatsApp Sales Messages: 

At this stage, before composing your personalized offer to your prospect, try as much as possible to maintain clarity. Too much vague terminology would easily discourage your prospect from taking your offer and you don’t want that do you?

Maintain clarity and only say what you are willing to give in your offer. If you offer free delivery of your products or services, then make it known in your offer.

Don’t tell white lies and do not confuse your customers with too many marketing terms and grammar to enable them go downward in your WhatsApp sales funnel.

Your product or service should be created to solve a problem and not to create more problems, hence when sending your message, try as much as possible to make your prospect believe that your product is what he or she needs to solve his or her problem.

Your product or services should be persuasive to make your prospect feel good or avoid pain.

When sending your personalized offer to your prospect, make sure it is sent at the right time. Timing plays a pivotal role in business, by sending your personalized offer to your prospect when he or she is in a relaxed state can increase the  possibility of you selling to that prospect thus moving him or her down the sales funnel at a faster rate. No one would want to read or grab your offer at odd hours. 

Also sending the offer at the wrong time can get your offer turned down or put off, hence timing is key. 

Prospects are more likely to buy from you when your offer is sent to them at festive periods like Valentine, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas and more so take advantage of this opportunity. 

Start Making Profit:

After your customized sales copy has been successfully sent to your prospects and they are ready to make payment for your offer, do well to give them a reliable payment option like Payment On Delivery, Paypal or any authentic payment option.

Do well to provide your prospects a satisfactory payment option, where they can request a refund if they are not satisfied with the product or service received from your business.

WhatsApp payment feature has been rolled out in India and few other countries, so get ready to integrate it in your business when it is available in your country. 

After a purchase or your prospects has  signed up for your offer, send the customer a “thank you” message appreciating them for their purchase.

This will give the customer a feeling of confidence that you still care about them, and that your business is not only interested in their money and profit maximization, but, that you are ready to serve and satisfy them with your product or services.

You should also suggest another item, product or services related to the one you sold and which you feel the customer will love. For example, if you sold toothpaste to a customer, you can also suggest a new toothbrush.

That should be done after each purchase to enable your business gain repeated patronage from the same customer.

Where to use a WhatsApp sales funnel?

Sales funnels are used to sell everything including information products, services and physical products that you see every day. It can be used in any online businesses across the globe and the beautiful part of WhatsApp is that it is free!


The Powerful Whatsapp Sales Funnel Blueprint is a necessity and every business should take advantage of this golden opportunity. This WhatsApp Sales Funnel Blueprint will show you an easy way to turn your WhatsApp into a sales-generating machine.

Instead of chatting only for fun, you could also be attracting customers and making sales while chatting. This entire funnel process and strategy have made many businesses tons of cash and helped in generating customers on demand and satisfaction.

Drop a comment below, if something is not clear or if you need more clarification about any of the points raised in this post.


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